Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Victorian Nursing Chair - Stage 2

Welcome back... yes, it's that time again and after another upholstery class, here is my progress so far!

My chair last week was just the basic frame.
After a few hours at my weekly upholstery class...

..it's now this! (I am so proud, almost like a parent?)

When applying webbing you have to get it spaced out right so that the springs can be attached.

This was so much fun, webbing is reasonably easy Just a bit of hard work. I attached one end to the underside of the chair (bottom, back) and then I stretched it across and tacked it down! (In a W formation)

Can you see the W formation?

Then once the front to back section was completed I then weaved the sideways ones and attached those one end and stretch across and attached the other end.

Once this was completed, I put a couple of sections on the arms too and I attempted to put some on the back.. but the tacking rail at the bottom flexed too much. I will be (at some point between now and next week) be soaking some Hessian strips in PVA glue and strengthening the joints.

But at the moment I am sewing on each spring for the seat and then lashing them down.

Thanks for reading... hope you are enjoying it?
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See you all next week..... when things should start being put under pressure......

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thomasina said...

Hi Abstar - loving the chair. When do we get to see the fabric?