Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Victorian Nursing Chair - Stage 1

Welcome to my first project

I bought this chair a couple of weeks ago on e-bay (yey, love e-bay!)

It is in quite bad condition, but the advert did state it was in dia need of some good love and attention, and thats just what its going to get from me!

So my plan is as follows: Strip back to the basics; check and prep the frame; web and re-spring the seat; replace the soft upper upholstery; and recover! (got some nice fabric from the Ideal Home Show)

Sunday 11th March 2007.

I spent the entire afternoon from 3.30pm till 10pm stripping back the frame. (2hour break for Crufts on BBC)

I was very careful whe i was taking off the top layers as I wanted to document all the different stages, plus I wanted to check out how the original work was done.

I do have to say though that after taking off a few layers I realised that this chair had been reupholstered quite a few times from the amount of tacks that were still in the frame, plss the amount of holes left from previous attempts!

The seat section looked as if someone recently has sprung it, and they had done it really well. I felt bad taking it off, as I could have saved it, but I really need to gain skills in using springs so I ripped it all off anyway! (he he)

I spent quite a long time, removing as many tacks as I could find on the frame, but I only had a pair of clippers to remove them with, so it took a long time and I now have a bruise in my palm!

But the frame did look good back to basics!

Today - Tuesday 13th March

I have been to my first Upholstery class with Jan Donley (who is lovely)

I spent 3 hours removing the final few stubborn tacks (with correct tools) and then filling all the holes with a combo of sawdust and PVA glue (eww messy, but fun)

And after I took the frame home and it had some time to dry I have given a good sand.

So, next week I will be buying more tools!! (yey.... love buying stuff!)

I plan to get the webbing in place, and start lashing (Matron) down the springs ready for the hessian that gets layed on top!

I think this is really exciting, traditional upholstery is normally classed as something retirees do in their spare time (I admit I am the youngest in my class by miles...) But I am trying to keep this art alive!

see you all next week, for another exciting episode into the WORLD OF UPHOLSTERY! (ha ha)

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oscar said...

That chair is a lovely shape. can't wait to see it transform. :)

(Yay! you have a blog!)