Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Chaise of Dreams - Part 1

Hey there furniture fans...

I have a treat for you guys... I have done LOADS on my chaise! oh yeah baby... it's really coming on fast! Last time we spoke I think I was just showing you the frame... well you are in for a treat!
Here is the starting picture for you..
Yes its a tidy frame! The centre bar is missing - all that remains or gave me any indication that it was there are the holes where it would have located - so I have had to put in a strengthening bar in the centre (sorry no picture....)

I then had the webb the underside - same af before... stretching the webbing over the under side of the frame so the springs can sit and be held in place

Same as before the webbing is woven under and over so you can hold all the springs in place.

They all get sewn down to the webbing and the lashed down to create tension...

You can see the tension bar I put in the frame in the right hand picture...

I will leave you with this tantalising image....

and run off.

I will write again soon with the further progress I have made... oh it's sooo exciting!

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