Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Victorian Nursing Chair - Stage 5

I am soo sooo sooooo sooooooo sorry! It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a blog!
(I seam to always say sorry at the beginning)

But anyway… my classes with Jan have started again and I am up and running!!!

Last time on Abstars blog….. (very dramatic) I had stuffed the seat, well things have progressed quite a way since then!
I did all the blind stitching! (which was crazy cool) firstly you insert the needle, take through to your other line (see pictures) but don’t take it all the way out, come back on yourself (making sure you hook round plenty of stuffing) and stick the needle out a little way,

wrap the cord round the needle
and then pull through and to the right…
this creates a really strong and self tightening knot… cool huh?

Well only cool if your into upholstery and I gather if you are reading this blog you are??

Then you repeat this twice over the front edge of the seat section….

Once that’s done you do the top stitching which is basically the same thing apart from you actually take the needle through all the way…. This creates the top roll.

I then started to repeat all stages on the back and sides – this includes the loose bridal stitches, stuffing with horse hair (changed to hogs hair now) then covering with Hessian, sewing through to tighten and then creating the rolls on the back and edges….

The back I had to do some blind stitching along the top edge to create a good strong shape… and then I have spent the last couple of hours creating the roll around the arms!! Ohmygod… that was hard! But as you can see it’s looking good!

Anyway, I am off to Glastonbury festival next week and wont be having a class… but I will be doing bits on the chair in my spare time… like tonight I made some trestle for the chair to sit on to make it easier to work on! (photo next time)

See ya’ll….


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