Friday, 13 April 2007

Washing Horse Hair - 1st April 2007

Sorry… really sorry, I have been ignoring you and not blogged for a couple of weeks, but I do have good reasons…!

My lessons have finished for this term so I have not had as much time to update the blog, but… and it’s a big butt, I have still being working on my chair! (most important)

I did the horrible task of washing the Horse hair! Ewwww… it was smelly and dusty!

I picked a really nice day, out in the back garden. I filled up two bucket things (plastic carrying things you get from garden centers) with hot soapy water and started to wash the hair. I washed in one and drained in the other… it ended up really really soft, and I could tease it all apart easily and pull out all the crap that was in it.

I washed it a couple of times and had to carry the water out to the drain in the drive… (chiropractor that week-extra thirty five quid) the water that came out of it
was DISCUSTING!! I couldn’t believe how much dirt and filth came out.. but then again I have no idea how old that hair was.. it could be 100years old!! (and had a 1000 bums on it! He he)

I left the hair out on my garden table to dry in the sun… I had to turn it a couple of times to dry the underside, but it dried really quickly (hardly had any time to read my book) and then I bagged it up and put it in the garage waiting for the chair!

Next stage, applying the hair… sooo excited!

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see ya'll later!


Felix said...

not so much related to the horse hair, but here is a post about socks with no heels!

Felix said...

Here's the link properly this time...

Maggie said...

Well written article.

Lauren said...

I'm glad someone else out there had also washed horse hair! my upholstery teacher told me to wash mine and i almost didn;t believe people actually do that. mine was completely and utterly disgusting. it seems my first mistake was doing it when it wasn't warm and sunny.
Mine seriously stinks and I was wondering if that is just what its like or whether i need to wash it more. My teacher told me to put it in an old pillow case and then just slosh it around in some soapy water. 45 minutes later i was still getting pretty dirty water coming out and then gave up. now its taking ages to dry (booo to rainy may weather!) any advice? i thinking scrap the old hair and buy new stuff.....?

Anonymous said...

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